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Snowbombing Music Festival 2020

A festival  8,497ft up a mountain that's above ordinary, in one of the finest ski resorts in Europe. It's sprinkled with world class acts in insane venues!(think igloo rave, enchanted forest party, underground tennis club turned super club).

Featuring world-class live acts & DJs, some special Snowbombing favorites  activities and a whole host of incredible artists making their mountain debut!

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🎟 Snowbombing.com


Sonic Bloom 2020

SONIC BLOOM is a 4-day camping festival that brings electronic music, dance, art and human performance together in an atmosphere that inspires open channels of co-creativity for everyone involved...

Participate with some of the highest quality, most cutting-edge live electronic artists & producers to create what is an incredibly intimate boutique festival experience... a unified field.

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